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Bake a difference in 2018

Join us this September for our second ever Bake a Difference – our annual month-long fundraising event. It’s really easy – just hold your own bake sale and make donations to Women’s Aid Integrated Services.

Every cake, pie or pastry will make a difference to women and children affected by domestic abuse in Nottinghamshire.

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Bake for WAIS

Holding your own bake sale for
Women’s Aid Integrated Services is easy and fun. Need inspiration? We’ve got ideas and resources to help


Need some ideas? We’ve got lots of baking inspiration including celebrity recipes

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This September, bake or buy something, get together with friends or colleagues and make a difference to the lives of women and children across Nottinghamshire

Bake a Difference

Last year we worked with over 5,000 women, 600 children and we took over 10,000 calls on our helpline. Sadly, 1 in 3 women in Nottingham will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime.

To help us continue our life-changing, life-saving frontline work, we’re asking people all over Nottingham and South Nottinghamshire to hold a bake event this September to raise funds for Women’s Aid Integrated Services. Every cake, pie and quiche you bake will make a difference

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Who’s baking a difference?

Nottingham Trams

Thanks you to our corporate partners, Nottingham Trams, who raised £150! Staff held a bake sale and their fundraising efforts were matched by the company

Gill Oliver, Notts County Council

Thank you to Gill Oliver for raising £71.31 at your bake sale at Nottinghamshire County Council’s County Hall. Brilliant!


Wowwww! Doughnotts have raised £70.00 selling their custom raspberry vegan doughnuts…thank you so much!

Alice Grice

Thanks to Alice who has raised £35 with her bake sale! This photo shows her brownies in the making…yumm!

Family Law Group

Thanks to the Family Law Group in Nottingham for baking a difference and fundraising £59. 73

Breadwitch Community Bakery

Julie…the Breadwitich…held a community baking event and raised £71…thank you Julie and the bakers!

Aubrey's Traditional Creperie

Aubrey’s made a gorgeous crepe andraised £30 for our work…many thanks

Ruddington Community Choir

Amazing what a bit of singing and baking can do!….RCC  raised £240 from their bake sale last week…that’s awesome!

Nottingham Sexual Health Services

The team held bake sales across their department. Thank you for raising £50, we really appreciate your support


On the 27th September Tuntum will be holding a cake sale in their offices

Home Brewery Building, Notts County Council

Nottinghamshire County Council’s staff at the Home Brewery Building transformed their offices into a bake sale! Thanks to the staff, especially Ali, who raised an amazing £291

The Speciality Coffee Shop

Lucy and Mike baked purple cupcakes and raised £36.10…we really appreciate your support

Philo's West Bridgford

Philo’s sold a special sparkly cake and raised £15.50 – yayy!

Wellingtons Cafe & Bistro

Wellingtons in Bradmore are planning something special for later in the month…watch this space!

Renew 37 in West Bridgford

Renew 37 raised £104…thanks so much to Vicki and the bakers

Taste in West Bridgford

Taste sold fruit scone in aid of WAIS…thank you for raising an amazing £85

Ashfield District Council

Thanks so much to Ashfield District Council for supporting our work and baking a difference…you raised £43

Larken & Co Solicitors

Larken & Co raised a huge £208…the company match funded the amount raised at their bake sale

Why Bake a Difference for WAIS?

£25… could help us take a call on our 24-hour Freephone Helpline and support a woman to get the help she needs*

£50… could provide food for a destitute woman and her children for a week, when no public funds are available

£177… could provide basic costs for a woman or a child to stay in our refuge for a month

£450… could help a woman and her children set up her new home after leaving our refuge

£3,000… could provide an 8-10 week Freedom Programme (healthy relationships course) for up 12 women, helping them to recognise abusive behaviours in future relationships

*For every call received, we make an average of seven outgoing calls to help each woman

“I’ve been a teacher for 46 years and in that time I have seen so many women trying to protect themselves and their children and on several occasions I have taken them myself to a place of safety. I have stood up to their bullying partners and had to keep the mother’s whereabouts secret. In 46 years the situation has changed little, there are still bullying men and women who need a place of safety . Please support this charity because without it where will support be given to those who need it most”

Val Stones, supporting Bake a Difference

How to run a bake sale or afternoon tea

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